Advantages of PP filter elements and ways to extend service life


       Most people are not very familiar with PP filter cartridges. In fact, PP filter cartridges are synonymous with the filtration industry and are mainly used in oil filtration, water filtration and air filtration industries. The following describes the advantages of PP filter elements and ways to extend their service life.

  Advantages of PP filter

  Compared with other types of filter elements, PP filter elements can effectively remove various particulate impurities remaining in the liquid they are filtering. Secondly, it can be a multi-layered deep structure, and its dirt holding capacity is very large. In the process of use, its filtration flow is very large and the pressure difference is very small.

  The sophisticated manufacturing process of the PP filter element has made great progress in the aspects of corrosion resistance, pressure resistance, filtration accuracy, and adsorption of the filter element. In addition, it has strong moisture resistance, strong sealing effect and probability of clogging Small, cheap, renewable and so on.

  PP filter element does not contain any chemical adhesive, it is more hygienic and safer when used. In addition, it has the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance, organic solution and oil resistance that other filter elements do not have, and has very good chemical stability. The surface and depth of the PP filter element are combined into one. It has the characteristics of good flow capacity, corrosion resistance, and high pressure resistance. At the same time, its cost is not high, and it can block water well during use. Large particles of rust, eggs, and sand.

PP filter

  PP filter element life extension method

  First of all, when using a PP filter element, it is necessary to prevent large particles or solid substances from entering the filter element system, so as to prevent blockage and seizure inside the filter element system. After a period of use, the filter element should be maintained and repaired. In addition, it should be cleaned regularly. After a period of use of the filter element, some waste or impurities will be deposited inside the system, which needs to be cleaned frequently in order to make the filter element function. In addition, it is necessary to ensure that the filter paper is in a humid state for a long time to avoid drying, thereby extending the life of the filter element and making the filtering effect more fine.

  Through the fiber-type filtration method, the pp filter element makes it very easy for dust to fall into the dust container, and then the sticky impurities on the filter cartridge are peeled off by back blowing. This greatly extends the life of the filter cartridge. The above process can not only save costs, but also save energy.

  The above is the introduction of the advantages of PP filter element and the service life extension method. I hope everyone will know the advantages of PP filter element and the service life extension method, which will be helpful to everyone.

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