Features of pp filter cartridge


The pp filter cartridge is a star-shaped pp filter cartridge formed by folding a certain length of filter material into pleats, and bonding the ends. The pp filter cartridge is cageless and easy to install.

  There are many types of pp filter cartridges, which are divided into thin and long and thick and short. Slim pp filter cartridge (such as φ≤160, L = 1 ~ 2m), the gap between pleats (such as 45 pleats) is large, the angle is large, the pleats are few and shallow, and the filtering area is larger than the filter bag with the same diameter and the same length 2 ~ 5 times, easy to clean and good effect; suitable for filtering dust with concentration ≥15g / m, filtering wind speed 0.6 ~ 1.2m / min. Thick and short pp filter cartridges (such as φ350, L = 0.66m) with large diameter, short length, and many pleats (120-350 pleats), deep, small pleats, and large filter area, which is larger than the area of the same diameter and long filter bag 14 ~ 35 times, suitable for layout of small area and small space; but because of the small fold angle, the dust is easy to accumulate and difficult to clean, suitable for filtering and removing dust with a concentration of ≤5g / m dust, and the filtering wind speed should not be> 0.6m / min.

  There are three ways to install the pp filter pulse precipitator: vertical, inclined and horizontal installation. The pp filter cartridge is installed vertically. When the pulse is cleaned, the dust is easy to clear and settle to the ash bucket, and the effect is good. When installed obliquely, the pp filter cartridges are stacked on top of each other, with a compact structure and a small footprint, making it easy to change cartridges. However, when cleaning, the dust cleared by the upper pp filter cartridges is deposited on the lower pp filter cartridges, which is difficult to remove. Installed horizontally, the dust on the lower part of the pp filter cartridge is more difficult to remove. The obliquely installed pp filter cartridge dust collector is suitable for the non-sticky, low-concentration, and coarse-grained dust removal of small and medium dust removal systems, and it is also suitable for the reconstruction of some old-style bag dust collectors.

pp filter cartridge

  PP filter cartridge characteristics

  1, greatly improve the effective filtration area;

  2, to ensure a low and stable pressure difference, improve flow ventilation;

  3, pp filter element is small and easy to install;

  4, especially suitable for industries with large dust concentration

  The above is the introduction of the characteristics of pp filter cartridges. I hope that everyone will be helpful after understanding the characteristics of pp filter cartridges.

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