High pressure hydraulic filter production process


       The high-pressure hydraulic filter is installed in the oil circuit of the hydraulic system to remove the metal powder and other mechanical impurities worn by the components in the hydraulic system, so that the oil circuit is kept clean and the life of the hydraulic system is prolonged. So how is the high pressure hydraulic filter made? Here is a brief introduction to the production process of high-pressure hydraulic filter, I hope to help everyone.

  First of all, the selection of the filter material, the selection of the filter material of the high-pressure hydraulic filter is the key to determine the filter effect of the filter element. The filter material selected for the high-pressure hydraulic filter is glass fiber, because the filter element of the glass fiber filter can not only intercept the hydraulic oil. The impurities, as well as the fact that it is relatively sharp, can break the oil bag to fully filter, and the selection of filtration accuracy is based on the level of hydraulic pressure required in the hydraulic environment.

  Then there is the choice of end caps. When we choose the end caps for the high pressure hydraulic filter, we usually use stamping parts, that is, 0.8mm galvanized end caps, or machined aluminum end caps, but some filter cartridges have For the valve, a plastic end cap with a bypass valve is used at this time. The choice of end cap materials, colleagues are also determined in combination with many considerations, because the different positions used, the working pressure can be different.

  Finally, the selection of the skeleton, in general, in the ordinary hydraulic oil, the material selected by our skeleton is Q235 carbon steel perforated plate. The thickness of the high-pressure hydraulic filter skeleton is mostly determined according to the pressure to be subjected to the filter element. Will use 0.8mm thickness, but sometimes blindly pursue the price, some manufacturers will choose 0.5mm or even 0.3mm thickness in order to retain customers, so the appearance of the filter will not change, but the filter's normal pressure capacity will Greatly reduced, so users must pay attention when buying high pressure hydraulic filter. Of course, the choice of the skeleton can also be selected from stainless steel, aluminum or plastic depending on the medium to be filtered.

High pressure hydraulic filter

  After the filter core structure material is selected, the filter element is processed. The high-pressure hydraulic filter core is simple and responsible. The first step is to cut the filter material according to the size, set the skeleton, and match the end cover. The second step is to use the machine equipment to fold the filter material. Wave, trimming and splicing, and finally fixing the filter material and the skeleton with the end caps. There is also a very important material in the middle is epoxy glue, the end cap is fixed and the joint of the filter material is used. stable.

  Such a complete filter element is ready, the filter core process is simple, but the filter material is indeed a wide variety, so when users choose the filter element, the price is to be considered, but the quality of the filter element is the key.

  The above is the introduction of the production process of high-pressure hydraulic filter, I hope everyone knows the production process of high-pressure hydraulic filter, it is helpful to everyone.

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