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    Dust Extraction Filters

    Dust Extraction Filters

    Our Dust Extraction Filters cartridges are used in most industrial dust series. From large particles such as wood and grain to micron dust such as welding and cutting flue gas, our Dust Extraction Filters cartridges can effectively collect them. Our filters not only can be fitted with our own dust collectors, but also installed in other brands of dust collectors. Special filter cartridges are available upon request.

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  • HEPA Air Filters for Industrial Dust Collector

    HEPA Air Filters for Industrial Dust Collector

    The industrial dust filter can filter dust in compressed air, high efficiency of dust filtration, simple installation, convenient use and maintenance. The material is imported from American composite long-fiber spunbond polyester non-woven fabric. The utility model has the advantages of high filtration precision, good waterproof and oil proof performance, small resistance, large processing air volume, good stiffness, no easy deformation, water washing and long service life.

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  • Dust Collector Air Filters Cartridge

    Dust Collector Air Filters Cartridge

    Our dust removal system air filters are proprietary and manufactured using an electro spinning process that produces very fine, continuous.
    • Excellent particle release due to surface filtration.
    • Reduce pressure drop to save energy.
    • Longer filter life reduces replacement and maintenance costs.
    • Light weight and easy to install.
    • Available in flame retardant media.
    • Provide stainless steel construction.
    If you need Dust Collector Air Filters Cartridge please feel free to contact us.

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  • Dust Control Air Filters for HVAC Dust System

    Dust Control Air Filters for HVAC Dust System

    Dust Control Air Filters for HVAC Dust System:
    Miniature pleated fiberglass media with the lowest resistance
    Certified leak proof certification
    Gel seal design, top/side gel track available
    Hot melt separator
    Lightweight and compact
    Unique structure, energy-saving design
    Various filter depths, 2" to 4" media pleat height
    Micrometer particles. AutoScan ensures efficiency
    Smear, smear, smear, smear, smear, smear, smear, smear frame sealed with environmentally friendly resin or PU. A protective screen is added at the air inlet and outlet to protect the filter paper from damage. Using high-quality glass fiber as the filter element, it is sealed with special concrete interface agent. The filtration efficiency of particles ≥0.3μm exceeds 99.99%. Our air filter is very good for HVAC duct system.

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  • Dust Stop Air Filters

    Dust Stop Air Filters

    We specialize in producing various air filters. The main products are: Paint arrester filter mat, pre-filter, ceiling filter, paint stop filter, dust stop filter, paint filter paper, separation paint, HVAC filter, rigid box filter, exhaust filter, non-woven fabric, high temperature filter, wood filter , pleated filter, automatic filter, bag filter, disposable filter, ULPA filter and HEPA filter, activated carbon filter, mask, mesh filter, paper filter, V cell filter, FFU, HEPA filter boxes, fiberglass, air filter paper, HEPA media, ceiling filter modules, and HVAC ventilation systems. Various products are widely used in the air purification industry, such as: spraying industry, automobile factory, high-tech electronics, pharmaceutical factory, food hygiene, furniture manufacturing, precision industry, hospital, research institute, etc. So far, our products have the largest market in Europe, the United States, Japan, Southeast Asia and many other countries and regions. We sincerely welcome friends from all over the world to visit our company and cooperate with us on this basis. Long-term mutual benefit. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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