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  • Fuel Spin on Filters for Kobelco

    Fuel Spin on Filters for Kobelco

    Kobelco Group is one of the world's top 500 companies. The excavators, metal disintegrators, and Kobelco engines that it supplies are widely used throughout the world. Our main supply of various filter elements, including fuel filter, engine air filter, oil filter and hydraulic filter, can be equipped with various models and engines of Kobelco.

    The Kobelco filters we supply has reliable quality, timely delivery and excellent after-sales service, and has received high praise from our customers.

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  • SINO Truck Fuel Filters

    SINO Truck Fuel Filters

    We have been supporting filter cartridges for China National Heavy Duty Truck for many years and are familiar with the models of China National Heavy Duty Truck. The Chinese heavy-duty filter cartridges we produce, including fuel filter cartridges, air filter cartridges, hydraulic filter cartridges, etc., are well suited to meet the needs of China National Heavy Duty Truck.

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  • Doosan Diesel Fuel Filters

    Doosan Diesel Fuel Filters

    1. Our Doosan filter element adopts high-quality filter material and has large volume of contaminated material, which can effectively filter impurities in diesel oil.
    2. Our filter's paper is sealed between the end and the end, which can effectively prevent impurities from entering the fuel system through the joint, to make sure our Doosan diesel fuel filters can be well used.
    3. Our Doosan filter shell and bottom seal adopt “double fold lock” bite, which has strong sealing, strong bite and is not easy to leak.

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  • Volvo Fuel Filters Cartridge

    Volvo Fuel Filters Cartridge

    We can supply Volvo filters for Volvo construction machinery. Volvo Fuel Filters, Volvo Lube Filters, Volvo Hydraulic Filters and Volvo Air Filters. Volvo's construction machinery has a long history, especially Volvo diesel generator sets, Volvo excavators, Volvo heavy trucks, etc., which provide strong support for our urban construction and resource needs. The Volvo filter cartridges we offer are suitable for all of the above Volvo construction machines.

    Volvo filter is one of the advantages of our company. We can supply the Volvo Filter Elements required for each model of Volvo. With the advantages of reliable quality and good service, we provide Volvo Filter for our customers from many countries.

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  • Replacement Fuel Filters for Perkins

    Replacement Fuel Filters for Perkins

    1. Our filter line is strictly controlled by raw materials and manufacturers to ensure that the filter elements we produce are well suited for use on Perkins generators. We have nearly 10 years filters supplying experience, supply fuel filters, oil filters, air filters for Perkins.
    2. We can supply Perkins complete filter replacements, most of which are available for the air filter, fuel filter and oil filter required for most Perkins engine models.
    3. We just need our clients sending us Perkins part number, then we can check if we can supply or not. And our delivery time is a short time.

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  • Fuel Filters Replacement for JCB

    Fuel Filters Replacement for JCB

    We supply JCB fuel filters, JCB oil filters, JCB fuel water separators and JCB hydraulic filters for JCB heavy construction machinery.

    The JCB China distributor network has been established, and dealer outlets throughout the country provide customers with comprehensive sales, service and accessories support. The JCB filter replacements we supply are able to keep up with JCB's latest accessories requirements.

    Modern production base provides JCB famous products for Chinese customers
    The R&D Center is constantly upgrading its product chain to meet the needs of Chinese customers.
    Trained after-sales engineers provide extensive support and backup for your business
    The Greater China Accessories Center stores pure JCB components and can be quickly sent to customer needs
    Technical training base provides operator training and equipment live demonstrations
    24-hour customer service hotline to ensure immediate response to customer needs
    A nationwide dealer network to provide customers with comprehensive services

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  • Hyundai Excavator Fuel Filters

    Hyundai Excavator Fuel Filters

    We supply Hyundai fuel filters, air filters, hydraulic filters and lube filters for Hyundai construction machinery. All of our Hyundai filters are have 12 month warranty, and Moq for each part number is 6 pcs, and delivery time normally in 15 days.

    Each Hyundai filter element contains the designer's deep understanding of modern products and the profound performance guarantee of modern excavator performance. Experiments and practice prove that modern pure filter element can completely prevent the dust and impurities of engine system and hydraulic system, ensuring The excavator works efficiently for a long time. Modern pure filter cartridges use the highest quality filter paper and the most advanced processing technology to ensure that each filter cartridge can play its maximum role, creating huge economic benefits for you.

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  • HINO Diesel Fuel Filters

    HINO Diesel Fuel Filters

    We are a professional filter manufacturer that provides filter inserts for all types of construction machinery, including air filters, fuel filters, oil filters and hydraulic filters. Hino trucks are also one of our service models, and we offer filter replacements for Hino trucks of different uses and models.

    Our products have been exported to many countries around the world, and our quality and service have been recognized by our customers.

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