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  • Kobelco Heavy Duty Oil Filters

    Kobelco Heavy Duty Oil Filters

    Japan's Kobe Steel Institute (KOBELCO) is one of the world's top 500 companies and Japan's third largest steel conglomerate. Founded in 1905, the company started out as a steel manufacturing and forging industry. Its predecessor was the Kobe Steel Plant, which was established in September 1905 as Japan's largest domestic trader.
    We are a company supplying air filters, oil filters, fuel filters and hydraulic filters for Kobelco machines.
    Part numbers for Kobelco filters:
    24046Z18 24046Z2 2446R254S5 2446R273S1 2446R274S1 2446R277S5 2446R277S6 2446R312S2 2446R352S3 2446U128S2 2446U132S2 2446U154S2 2446U154S3 2446U162S2 2446U177S2 2446U177S3 2446U185S3 2446U191S2 2446U191S3 2446U212S2 2446U212S3 2446U242S2 2446U244S1 2446U250S1 2446U250S2 2446U250S3 2446U252S2 2446U271S2 2446U299S2 245143111A 24518U1243A 2451R1243A 2451R1311B 2451U1243A 2451U1243B 2451U1253 2451U1662 2451U1721A 2451U1802N 2451U1803A 2451U1803B 2451U2063 2451U2212 2451U2213 2451U3031 2451U3091 2451U3111A 2451U3113 2451U311A 2451U3243 2451U3331 2451U4441 2460U1964 2461U1964 3173081800 LP02P0004 LP11P00004S002 LP11P01013P1 YN02P000013 YN02P000013B YN11P00001S002 YN11P01013P1 YN50VU0001D1 YN50VU0001D2 YN50VU0001D3 YN50VU0001D5 YN50VU0001D6 YN50VU0001D7 YN50VU001D8.

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  • Atlas Compressor Oil Filters

    Atlas Compressor Oil Filters

    The Atlas Copco Group has 23 companies in China (16 of which are manufacturing companies), producing and selling compressor technology, industrial technology, mining and rock opening technology and building technology products, and providing after-sales services. service. The Atlas Copco Group has 236 offices in mainland China representing different market brands and more than 600 distributors. In Nanjing, Wuxi and Tianjin, the Atlas Copco Group is investing in the development of the state-of-the-art R&D center. Atlas Copco's companies in Hong Kong and Taiwan also play an important role in the Greater China region. Atlas requires high quality air filters, our company can supply filter replacements for Atlas.

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  • Weichai Truck Oil Filters

    Weichai Truck Oil Filters

    Weichai is a multi-field and multi-industry international group which owns six business segments of powertrain, intelligent logistics, automotive, construction machinery, luxury yacht, and finance & after-services. Weichai Group has four listing companies which have five stocks: Weichai Power(2338HK, 000338SZ), Weichai Heavy Machinery(000880SZ), Asiastar Bus(600213SH)and KION Group(DE000KGX8881). The subsidiaries of Weichai Group spread all over Europe, North America, Asia, and other regions, and its products are exported to more than 110 countries and regions. We supply filters replacement for Weichai Diesel engines.

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    Allison Transmission Oil Filters

    Allison Transmission Oil Filters

    We have nearly 10 years filter supplying experience, for different areas, including construction machinery's diesel engine, for air compressor, for vacuum pump and also supply filter replacement for Allision Transmission.

    From 2010, we started to export filters to many countries, our filter paper quality, structure inside, steel house, testing, and also after sales service, we have got well recommend by our clients.

    We hope our Allision Transmission filters replacement can meet your needs.

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  • Hitachi Lube Oil Filters Replacement

    Hitachi Lube Oil Filters Replacement

    We provide Hitachi filter replacement parts for Hitachi Construction Machinery's excavators and wheel loaders, providing air filter, fuel filter, oil filter and hydraulic filter for different models.
    Our advantage lies in the filter accessories. We have been engaged in the filter accessories service of various construction machinery since 2010, and have been recognized by our customers. With our quantity of service concepts and product quality concepts, we have accumulated a lot of customers.

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  • Fleetguard Lubricant Filters Replacement

    Fleetguard Lubricant Filters Replacement

    We supply filter replacement for Fleetguard, air filters, fuel filters, lube filters and hydraulic. Our filter paper, steel house, steel nets, and also pressure limiting valve, all material are under strictly control. Our lubricant Filters Replacement for Fleetguard are high quality.
    For capacity of our production, we can product more than 3000 pcs for steel house lube filters, and nearly 1000 pcs for air filters per day. We can delivery our products in a short time.

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  • Diesel Engine Oil Filters for Deutz

    Diesel Engine Oil Filters for Deutz

    1. We can supply a full range of Deutz filter cartridges, including fuel filters, oil filters, hydraulic filters, air filters and water separators.
    2. We have been supplying Dows filter cartridges for 9 years, and we are able to guarantee the quality of the Deutz filter replacement.
    3. Our production capacity guarantees production. We export filter cartridges all the year round and have exported to more than 40 countries and regions around the world. We are confident that we can provide excellent service to our customers.

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  • Vacuum Pump Oil Filters for Busch

    Vacuum Pump Oil Filters for Busch

    1. We produce the corresponding oil filter and air filter according to the Busch vacuum pump of different models. The model and type are complete and the quality is reliable, which can meet the requirements of air filtration and oil filtration of Busch vacuum pump.
    2. Most of the Busch filter replacement parts are in stock, including oil filters and air filters, as long as our customers tell us the model, we can check, and generally can be shipped within 5 days. Please contact us for free if you need any vacuum pump filters requirement.

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