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    PP Sediment Filters Cartridge

    PP Sediment Filters Cartridge

    We have the Injection workshop, filter media workshops, assembly workshops. Every part of your filters are made by ourselves. The product quality is under control. The costs is under control for PP Sediment Filters Cartridge.
    Most filters have international certifications such as NSF, WQA, EC-1935/2004.
    PP Sediment Filters Cartridges are produced in an ISO9001 and ISO14001 factory, in the dust-free workshops and under strict production procedures and multi-QC system

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  • 5 micron Jumbo Water Treatment System PP Cartridge Filters

    5 micron Jumbo Water Treatment System PP Cartridge Filters

    Filter cartridge is new type filter element, small size, large filter area,high precision, No pollution, easy installation and replaced. Using of the micro porous membrane filtration, so the adsorption is small, therefore not stranded filtrate, and wide chemical compatibility, has broad applicability. Filter connector using International universal form: this cover with 226, 222, flat three forms; ports with triangle fin and flat head two forms.
    The material of PP water filter cartridge Materials are FDA listed as acceptable for potable and edible. Available in a wide selection of micron rating from 1µm to 100µm.

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  • PP String Wound Filters Cartridge

    PP String Wound Filters Cartridge

    PP String Wound Filter Cartridge are manufactured with structured open outer layers and tight inner layers to offer true depth filtration for high dirt holding capacity and extremely low media migration.The main advantage of the string wound filter cartridge is its exceptionally high structural strength,therefore,they can withstand higher PSID and severe operating conditions.
    Application field for pp string wound filter cartridge:
    ☆ Electronics, power industry: pure water, electroplating solution, printed circuit board, etc.
    ☆ Chemical, petrochemical industry: acid, alkali, solvent, oral liquid, etc.
    ☆ Film, photography industry: film production, photo production, etc.
    ☆ Food industry: food, beverages, drinking water, alcohol, etc.

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  • PP Spun Filters Cartridge

    PP Spun Filters Cartridge

    For PP spun filter cartridge, there are many features:
    Continuous Fiber Matrix Prevents Media Migration and Ensures Consistent Filtration Performance.
    Proprietary Center Core Enhances Cartridges Mechanical Strength.
    Foam PE Gaskets for Better Sealing. Single Open End Cap Options for Even Greater Reliability.
    Proprietary Surface Treatment Eliminates the Possibility of Fiber Release.
    Cartridges are free of Surfactants, Binders ,Anti-static Agents and Adhesive-will not Interfere with Product Quality or Cause Foaming.
    All PP spun filter cartridge materials are FDA listed for Food and Beverage Contact.

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  • PP Pleated Filters Cartridge

    PP Pleated Filters Cartridge

    1. Our PP Pleated Filter Cartridge provide high efficiency and consistent fluid filtration in a variety of critical applications. They consist of a pleated melt blown filter material that removes particles from 0.1 μm to 50 μm.
    2. His large surface size ensures long life and low initial pressure drop. All pp pleated filter cartridge structure components are made of high purity polypropylene for critical process applications.
    3. All cartridges are manufactured and assembled in a clean room environment to minimize the possibility of contamination.
    4. This type of PP Pleated Filter Cartridge can be used in a variety of configurations to accommodate most commercially available filter housings.

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  • PP Wound Cartridge Filters

    PP Wound Cartridge Filters

    • The wire-wound filter cartridge is a filter element in which the textile fiber yarn is tightly wound around the porous frame to control the density of the filter layer and the shape of the filter hole to form different filtration precision.
    • Can withstand high filtration pressure
    • Good chemical compatibility
    • The Wound Filter cartridges are available in a variety of materials to suit a wide range of liquid filtration needs
    • Filters the structure inside the pores and has a good depth filtration effect.
    • It can effectively remove suspended solids, particles, etc. in liquid, with small pressure drop and large amount of dirt.

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