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  • Hengst Filters

    Hengst Filters

    Hungst provides fluid management modules, integrated cooling system oil filtration modules, integrated oil mist separation system oil filtration modules, fuel filtration modules, oil filtration modules, fuel tanks and fuel filtration systems to automotive manufacturers, as well as a variety of matching filters. Cleaner to meet the maintenance needs of the system after-sales service. We are supplying air filters, oil filters, fuel filters for Hengst.

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  • Iveco Fitlers

    Iveco Fitlers

    The company's products are divided into two major platforms: Iveco and Yuejin. The Iveco brand design program is an annual production capacity of 60,000 Iveco series light vehicles, 75,000 diesel engines, and proud, Turin, off-road vehicles and Venice four product lines, including 3-6.5 tons, 7 tonnage levels and 7 wheelbases. More than 200 models of light passenger cars, trucks, military off-road vehicles, medium-sized passenger cars and various modified special vehicles. Among them, the "Turin" series models fully integrate the comfort of the car and the high efficiency of the business car, the high-capacity practical features, both internal and external repairs, a new interpretation of the luxury and luxury of the passenger car, leading a new round of Chinese light passenger cars Technological revolution. With the listing of the short-head light truck Europa series, Nanjing Iveco has established a brand image of a full range of high-end light-duty vehicles. The Yuejin brand design program is to produce 100,000 light, medium and heavy-duty vehicles per year. The products have Xiaohu and Shuaihu. , Diamond Card, Super Card four product lines, product range covers Yuejin light trucks, Lingye heavy-duty trucks, passenger car chassis and special vehicles, etc., the product variety of more than 500 kinds. Our company supply Iveco air filter, oil filter, fuel filter and fuel water separators, will meet your needs on Iveco trucks and engines.

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  • Kobelco Heavy Duty Oil Filters

    Kobelco Heavy Duty Oil Filters

    Japan's Kobe Steel Institute (KOBELCO) is one of the world's top 500 companies and Japan's third largest steel conglomerate. Founded in 1905, the company started out as a steel manufacturing and forging industry. Its predecessor was the Kobe Steel Plant, which was established in September 1905 as Japan's largest domestic trader. We are a company supplying air filters, oil filters, fuel filters and hydraulic filters for Kobelco machines. Part numbers for Kobelco filters: 24046Z18 24046Z2 2446R254S5 2446R273S1 2446R274S1 2446R277S5 2446R277S6 2446R312S2 2446R352S3 2446U128S2 2446U132S2 2446U154S2 2446U154S3 2446U162S2 2446U177S2 2446U177S3 2446U185S3 2446U191S2 2446U191S3 2446U212S2 2446U212S3 2446U242S2 2446U244S1 2446U250S1 2446U250S2 2446U250S3 2446U252S2 2446U271S2 2446U299S2 245143111A 24518U1243A 2451R1243A 2451R1311B 2451U1243A 2451U1243B 2451U1253 2451U1662 2451U1721A 2451U1802N 2451U1803A 2451U1803B 2451U2063 2451U2212 2451U2213 2451U3031 2451U3091 2451U3111A 2451U3113 2451U311A 2451U3243 2451U3331 2451U4441 2460U1964 2461U1964 3173081800 LP02P0004 LP11P00004S002 LP11P01013P1 YN02P000013 YN02P000013B YN11P00001S002 YN11P01013P1 YN50VU0001D1 YN50VU0001D2 YN50VU0001D3 YN50VU0001D5 YN50VU0001D6 YN50VU0001D7 YN50VU001D8.

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  • Atlas Compressor Oil Filters

    Atlas Compressor Oil Filters

    The Atlas Copco Group has 23 companies in China (16 of which are manufacturing companies), producing and selling compressor technology, industrial technology, mining and rock opening technology and building technology products, and providing after-sales services. service. The Atlas Copco Group has 236 offices in mainland China representing different market brands and more than 600 distributors. In Nanjing, Wuxi and Tianjin, the Atlas Copco Group is investing in the development of the state-of-the-art R&D center. Atlas Copco's companies in Hong Kong and Taiwan also play an important role in the Greater China region. Atlas requires high quality air filters, our company can supply filter replacements for Atlas.

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  • Replacement Fuel Filters for Perkins

    Replacement Fuel Filters for Perkins

    1. Our filter line is strictly controlled by raw materials and manufacturers to ensure that the filter elements we produce are well suited for use on Perkins generators. We have nearly 10 years filters supplying experience, supply fuel filters, oil filters, air filters for Perkins. 2. We can supply Perkins complete filter replacements, most of which are available for the air filter, fuel filter and oil filter required for most Perkins engine models. 3. We just need our clients sending us Perkins part number, then we can check if we can supply or not. And our delivery time is a short time.

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    Air filters for Perkins Diesel Generator

    Air filters for Perkins Diesel Generator

    We supply replacement air filters, oil filters, fuel filters and hydraulic filters for Perkins for nearly 10 years since from 2010. Our Perkins filters including air filters normally will be delivery in 15 days. We have lots of experience for shipment air filters to different countries. Main Perkins air filters' part number we are supplying: 197946201 26510093 26510105 26510124 26510125 26510126 26510143 26510148 26510181 26510192 26510208 26510211 26510214 26510216 26510228 26510229 26510230 26510231 26510233 26510235 26510236 26510237 26510238 26510288 26510289 26510324 26510337 26510338 26510343 26510353 26510354 26510362 26540148 6LS551A4 CV20948 SE551/4 EV5514 P102913 PF60002 PF60011 PF60017 PF60052 PF60053 PI02679 PI02688 PI026880 PI02689 PI02913 TX56178 CH11038.

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  • Air Filters for Hitachi Excavator

    Air Filters for Hitachi Excavator

    We can supply all kinds of required filters for Hitachi construction engines and hydraulics, including air filters, diesel filters, oil filters and hydraulic filters. Our filter cartridges with iron shells have all been tested for oil leaks and pressure. All filter papers of our Hitachi air filter are imported special filter paper.

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  • Komatsu Air Filters

    Komatsu Air Filters

    1. Komatsu products are well-known in the global market. The main products are excavators, bulldozers, loaders, dump trucks and other construction machinery, various large-scale presses, cutting machines and other industrial machinery, forklifts and other logistics machinery. TBM, underground construction machinery such as shield machines, and power generation equipment. We also supply full line of Komatsu Filters, like Komatsu air filter, fuel filter, oil filters and hydraulic filters. Our Komatsu Filters are well used in above fields. 2. Quality and trust Pursuing " quality and trust " and maximizing corporate value is the basis of our business. We are committed to providing our customers with quality Komatsu filter services.

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  • Volvo Air Filters for Truck Engines

    Volvo Air Filters for Truck Engines

    1. High quality Volvo Air Filters. 2. With 10 years experience filter manufacturing for Volvo machinery. 3. Can supply Volvo full range of Air Filters, Fuel Filters, Lube Filters and Hydraulic Filters.

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