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  • Becker Vacuum Pump Filters

    Becker Vacuum Pump Filters

    1945 The Second World War brought a series of serious consequences: the factory was dissolved and production was banned. Two years later, the new era began and the company started operating again under the name "Gebläse- und Pumpenbau GmbH". 1928 1928 In the aerospace industry, special vacuum pumps are used to control aircraft instruments. A new factory was established in Wuppertal, Germany. 1915 Ing. Otto Becker, the founder of Mr. Otto Becker's son, joined the company and has invested more in the R&D department to help develop new products in the vacuum and pneumatic systems sector. And established a number of key patents for sex. 1885 The Otto and Robert Becker brothers founded "Maschinenfabrik Gebr. Becker" in, Germany (today: Wuppertal-Barmen) in Barmen, Germany. At the beginning, there were only four employees, beginning to provide components for the chemical and textile industries. Custom machines are designed for many different applications, such as mixers, textile machines, winders and more. If clients have any Becker vacuum pump filter needs, please contact us freely.

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  • Vacuum Pump Air Filters Oil Filters

    Vacuum Pump Air Filters Oil Filters

    (1) A large pumping speed over a wide pressure range for vacuum pump. (2) The rotor has good geometric symmetry, so the vibration is small and the operation is stable. There is a gap between the rotor and between the rotor and the casing, no lubrication, and the friction loss is small, which can greatly reduce the driving power, thereby achieving a higher rotational speed; (3) Oil seal and lubrication are not required in the pump chamber, which can reduce the pollution of the vacuum system by oil vapor. We can supply vacuum air filters. (4) There is no compression in the pump chamber, no exhaust valve. The structure is simple and compact, and is insensitive to dust and water vapor in the pumped gas. Gas air separators for vacuum pump. (5) The compression is relatively low, and the effect on hydrogen gas pumping is poor; (6) The surface of the rotor is a curved cylinder with a complicated shape, which is difficult to process and inspect. We can supply vacuum pump air filter and air gas separators for Busch, Becker, leybold, rietschle machine.

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