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  • Iveco Fitlers

    Iveco Fitlers

    The company's products are divided into two major platforms: Iveco and Yuejin. The Iveco brand design program is an annual production capacity of 60,000 Iveco series light vehicles, 75,000 diesel engines, and proud, Turin, off-road vehicles and Venice four product lines, including 3-6.5 tons, 7 tonnage levels and 7 wheelbases. More than 200 models of light passenger cars, trucks, military off-road vehicles, medium-sized passenger cars and various modified special vehicles. Among them, the "Turin" series models fully integrate the comfort of the car and the high efficiency of the business car, the high-capacity practical features, both internal and external repairs, a new interpretation of the luxury and luxury of the passenger car, leading a new round of Chinese light passenger cars Technological revolution. With the listing of the short-head light truck Europa series, Nanjing Iveco has established a brand image of a full range of high-end light-duty vehicles. The Yuejin brand design program is to produce 100,000 light, medium and heavy-duty vehicles per year. The products have Xiaohu and Shuaihu. , Diamond Card, Super Card four product lines, product range covers Yuejin light trucks, Lingye heavy-duty trucks, passenger car chassis and special vehicles, etc., the product variety of more than 500 kinds. Our company supply Iveco air filter, oil filter, fuel filter and fuel water separators, will meet your needs on Iveco trucks and engines.

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  • JCB Fuel Water Separator

    JCB Fuel Water Separator

    We supply JCB fuel filters, JCB oil filters, JCB fuel water separators for JCB heavy construction machinery. The JCB China distributor network has been established, and dealer outlets throughout the country provide customers with comprehensive sales, service and accessories support. The JCB filter replacements we supply are able to keep up with JCB's latest accessories requirements. Modern production base provides JCB famous products for Chinese customers The R&D Center is constantly upgrading its product chain to meet the needs of Chinese customers. Trained after-sales engineers provide extensive support and backup for your business The Greater China Accessories Center stores pure JCB components and can be quickly sent to customer needs Technical training base provides operator training and equipment live demonstrations 24-hour customer service hotline to ensure immediate response to customer needs A nationwide dealer network to provide customers with comprehensive services

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  • Fuel Water Separator Replacement for CAT

    Fuel Water Separator Replacement for CAT

    We supply most of the filter replacement for CAT, not only fuel water separator, also including air filters, fuel filters, hydraulic filters and lube filters. We can meet your filters requirement for different Caterpillar machinery model. We have export filters to more than 40 countries since 2010, with nearly 10 years filters sales experience, we can offer you good service on Cat filters business.

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  • Parker Fuel Water Separator

    Parker Fuel Water Separator

    1. Parker includes the famous British Dominic Hande DH Group, gas filtration expert Finite, Blaston filter, Racor filter and so on. Parker filters mainly divided into hydraulic filtration, gas filtration and special filtration in the professional field. 2. We main supply Parker fuel water separators, the most often part number is 2040 2020 2010 series, and R120T, R12T, R160, R160P, R160T, R20P, R20T, R24P, R24S, R24T, R26P, R26S, R26T, R60T, R90P series Fuel water separators. 3. We have exported above filters to more than 40 countries.

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  • Diesel Fuel Water Separator Replacement for Fleetguard

    Diesel Fuel Water Separator Replacement for Fleetguard

    1. All the size and material of air filter replacement are under Fleetguard's specification. 2. We can supply full range of air filter replacement for Fleetguard. 3. Our fuel water separator replacement for Fleetguard are widely used in automotive, engineering machinery, generator sets, ships, railway locomotives and other fields. 4. Customer satisfaction is achieved through the effective application of the system, including continuous improvement and prevention of non-conforming processes.

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