Allison Transmission Oil Filters

  • Allison Transmission Oil Filters
Allison Transmission Oil Filters

We have nearly 10 years filter supplying experience, for different areas, including construction machinery's diesel engine, for air compressor, for vacuum pump and also supply filter replacement for Allision Transmission.

From 2010, we started to export filters to many countries, our filter paper quality, structure inside, steel house, testing, and also after sales service, we have got well recommend by our clients.

We hope our Allision Transmission filters replacement can meet your needs.

Allison's fully automatic transmissions are designed with the durability in mind, so our products have a worldwide reputation for quality, reliability and durability. This is why vehicles equipped with Allison automatic transmissions have a running cost advantage over competing products. We can supply filters for Allision Transmission in high quality.

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The Allison automatic transmission minimizes maintenance requirements, which means reduced vehicle downtime and maintenance costs. The hydraulic torque converter of the Allison automatic transmission replaces the dry clutch, avoiding the problem of manual and AMT gearboxes frequently repairing and replacing the clutch. In fact, the routine maintenance of the Allison automatic transmission requires only regular replacement of the transmission fluid and filter element.

The service network of nearly 1,400 authorized distributors and agents around the world is the backbone of Allison products, and is readily available to customers at the original Allison level when they need it.

In summary, operations and production capabilities are directly related to the work vehicles and equipment used, and customers and employees are affected as well. The Allison transmission is the best solution for power transmission between the engine and the drive wheels, and is the best choice to avoid failure.

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29548988 Allision Transmission twin filter kit

For Allision Transmission filters replacement we are supplying, here is the part number,

23040988, 23049373, 23049374, 29501202, 29509723, 29510910, 29510918, 29526898, 29526899, 29538231, 29538232, , 29540493, 29540494, 29545779, 29545776, 29548987, 29558117, 29558328, 29548988 filter kit, 29539579.

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