Busch Vacuum Pump Filters

  • Busch Vacuum Pump Filters
Busch Vacuum Pump Filters

1. Ultimate vacuum, less than 0.5 mbar
2. High pumping speed
3. Low noise, less than 67 decibels
4. Strong water vapor extraction ability
5.Environmental protection, the vacuum pump is equipped with an oil mist eliminator to remove 99.999% of the oil in the exhaust gas.
6. Compact structure, scientific and reasonable design, light and easy to install in industrial systems.
We supply air filters for Busch vacuum pump.

Busch vacuum pump, in a circular pump body (stator) with an intake valve and an exhaust valve, an eccentric rotor and three blades that move by centrifugal force in the rotor groove are provided. These blades divide the pump into three parts, and their volumes are The rotation of the crucible rotor periodically changes to complete the suction, compression, and discharge of the gas, so that the gas at the suction port is sucked to form a vacuum.  

busch vacuum pump filters

Busch Vacuum Pump.

One, 2X rotary vane vacuum pump (referred to as rotary vane pump) working pressure range of 101325~1.33×10-2 (Pa) belongs to low vacuum pump. It can be used alone or as a foreline pump for other high vacuum pumps or ultra high vacuum pumps. It has been widely used in the production and scientific research departments of metallurgy, machinery, military, electronics, chemical, light industry, petroleum and medicine.

The rotary vane pump can remove the dry gas in the sealed container, and if a gas ballast device is attached, a certain amount of condensable gas can be removed. However, it is not suitable for the removal of gases that are too high in oxygen, corrosive to metals, chemically reactive to pump oil, and contain particulate dust.

The rotary vane pump is one of the most basic vacuum acquisition devices in vacuum technology. The rotary vane pump is mostly a small and medium-sized pump. Rotary vane pumps are available in single and double stages. The so-called two-stage is to connect two single-stage pumps in series. Generally, it is made into two stages to obtain a higher degree of vacuum.

The relationship between the pumping speed of the rotary vane pump and the inlet pressure is as follows: at inlet pressures of 1333 Pa, 1.33 Pa and 1.33×10-1 (Pa), the pumping speed values shall not be less than 95% of the nominal pumping speed of the pump, 50% and 20%.

0532140157 busch filter

Busch vacuum pump air filters we are supplying,

0532140157, 0532140159, 0532000508, 0532140153, 0532140154, 0532140155, 0532000510, 0532140156, 0532000512, 0532140160, 0532000507, 0532000002, 0532000003, 0532000004, 0532000005, 0532000006, 0531000001, 0531000002, 0531000005.

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