HEPA Air Filters for Industrial Dust Collector

  • HEPA Air Filters for Industrial Dust Collector
HEPA Air Filters for Industrial Dust Collector

The industrial dust filter can filter dust in compressed air, high efficiency of dust filtration, simple installation, convenient use and maintenance. The material is imported from American composite long-fiber spunbond polyester non-woven fabric. The utility model has the advantages of high filtration precision, good waterproof and oil proof performance, small resistance, large processing air volume, good stiffness, no easy deformation, water washing and long service life.

High-quality wood pulp fiber filter paper, high-strength polyester fiber non-woven fabric and other filter materials are suitable for various industrial production dust removal systems. Application: coating equipment, industrial dust removal, central air conditioning duct cleaning, powder spraying, sand blasting, pigment industry, wood processing filtration, etc. Accuracy up to 0.3 microns! Filtration efficiency 99.96%! Imported long-fiber polyester filter material, the fibers are interlaced and evenly distributed. It has good wear resistance and can withstand the pulse backflush of airflow more than the traditional filter material. The filter material has good stiffness and can be repeatedly cleaned. The end cap and the center frame are all electrogalvanized pieces and do not rust.

dust collector filters

The filter (HEPA) filtration

Filter filtration mainly refers to the dust collection of HEPA filter, which uses high-efficiency filter to filter particles and impurities in the air to purify.

HEPA is an internationally recognized high-efficiency filter material. When dust passes through the HEPA filter, three purification steps occur:

(1) Impact interception: the dust is larger than the pores of the filter and is directly blocked.

(2) Curve interception: the process in which dust is absorbed by the airflow during the passage through the filter screen and finally hits the filter fiber.

(3) Adsorption: Due to the adsorption of the electrostatic electret of the filter, it is adsorbed to the filter screen and absorbed. (The electrostatic electret is not the so-called electrostatic dust removal, but the dust is loaded by the non-woven fabric loaded with the electrostatic electret. It has the characteristics of electrostatic dust removal, low wind resistance and high dust holding capacity, but does not need to be connected to a voltage of 10,000 volts. Therefore, no ozone is produced). 

The most use for HEAP air filter Industrial Dust Collector.

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