Vacuum Pump Oil Filters for Busch

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Vacuum Pump Oil Filters for Busch

1. We produce the corresponding oil filter and air filter according to the Busch vacuum pump of different models. The model and type are complete and the quality is reliable, which can meet the requirements of air filtration and oil filtration of Busch vacuum pump.
2. Most of the Busch filter replacement parts are in stock, including oil filters and air filters, as long as our customers tell us the model, we can check, and generally can be shipped within 5 days. Please contact us for free if you need any vacuum pump filters requirement.

Busch is one of the manufacturers of vacuum pumps, blowers and compressors. The product range covers vacuum and positive pressure technology solutions for a wide range of industrial applications. With more than 50 years of experience in vacuum pump and low pressure pump manufacturing, Busch offers a full range of products offering a wide range of industrial vacuum technologies worldwide. 

Vacuum oil filters

Busch Vacuum Pump.

Our company can supply Vacuum air filters and oil filters for Busch vacuum pump.

Here is the main part number of Busch Vacuum Pump Filters,

0532000508 (0532140159), 0532000509 (0532140157), 0532000507 (0532140160), 0532000512 (0532140156), 

0531000002, 0531000001, 0531000005, 0532000002, 0532000003, 0532000004, 0532000005,0532000006. 

busch vacuum filters

Busch Filters.

Busch Oil lubricated rotary vane vacuum pump

The rotary vane technology simplifies the process structure of the vacuum pump. The oil-lubricated rotary vane design, complemented by the perfect material, combined with state-of-the-art precision manufacturing, ensures a stable high vacuum during continuous operation. Efficient pumping systems and integrated return lines combined with advanced exhaust filters ensure clean, oil-free exhaust. When equipped with a gas ballast valve (optional), it can handle larger volumes of steam. When the vacuum pump is turned off, a check valve in the inlet flange prevents air from flowing back into the vacuum chamber. The pump body is driven by a flanged standard motor and the motor has an energy efficiency rating of IE2. Busch Vacuum Pump requires high quality vacuum pump filters.

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